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Church Based Preschool in Colfax, NC

Preschool Programs Oak Ridge, NC Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool is the premier center for learning and nurturing young minds in Colfax, NC, Oak Ridge, NC and the entire Triad area. All of our preschool programs are designed to maintain low teacher-to-child ratios in order to maximize the individual attention our students receive. Our early childhood programs focus on innovative and fun-filled learning activities that are geared towards capturing the hearts and minds of all our students. Visit our center today with any questions you might have or call us today to set up a tour of our facilities!

At Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool, we understand that the decision to place your child in a preschool program is a big one. We want to make your child’s experience at Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool a memorable one, because we believe that solid preschool programs are an important stepping stone into the rest of their journey throughout education and life.

Offering early childhood programs!

At our church based preschool, all of our toys are both educational and interactive. With our early childhood programs, we make learning fun for your children so that they will enjoy their experience with us and will want to continue to learn in the future! Call us or visit our website today for more information. To learn more about our place of worship, Shady Grove Wesleyan Church, visit our church’s website. Our preschool is a reflection of the family values that are present here in our evangelical community.

Our Shady Tree Reading Room is an innovative learning experience that you and your children will both enjoy. This past year, we met with Guilford and Forsyth County teachers to develop our new reading program. Based on our meetings, we have developed a reading program designed to ensure all of our children develop their reading skills to their fullest potential.

The Shady Tree Reading Room is warm, inviting and a celebration of learning to read. The Shady Tree Reading Room is staffed with an experienced teacher. Our teacher will spend 1 day each week with each and every student on an individual basis.

Early Childhood Programs Oak Ridge, NC Our reading room will focus on the following subjects:

  • Phonics
  • Kinetics Learning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Tracking Left to Right
  • Pre-Reading Skills
  • Reading Readiness
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Alphabetic Principles
  • Word Concepts 
  • And More!

We are open from 9AM to Noon every Monday through Friday, and we accept children ages 4 months to 5 years of age. We are inspired with our church based preschool, to guide, cherish and educate your children. Our highly skilled staff will make sure that when your children graduate from our program, they will be kindergarten ready and will be looking forward to attending their next school.

Our preschool programs are designed to encourage personal growth and share our faith through good deeds and fellowship. Throughout the year, we host several events designed to teach our children about the community around them and what it is to be a part of that community and serve others in need.

Preschool Programs Colfax, NC At Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool, all our passionate staff members care deeply for you and your children. We want you all to feel comfortable and at home at our church based preschool. Our teachers are readily available to meet with parents about their needs and concerns for their children, and the Director’s door is always open to families. Currently, we provide our services for families from Greensboro, NC,  Colfax, NC, Oak Ridge, NC and the surrounding areas. We would be happy to have you come in for a visit. We are conveniently located at 119 North Bunker Hill Road in Colfax, NC.

Give us a call today at 336-993-5943 to schedule a tour for you and your children!

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Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool is the Triad's premier center for teaching and nurturing young minds. We are committed to maintaining low teacher- to- child ratios to maximize individual attention. Our program focuses on innovative and fun filled learning activities geared to capture the hearts and minds of all our students.

When you come and visit our center, we encourage you to bring any questions you may have, so that we can respond to them in a timely fashion. We realize that placing your child in a preschool program is a big decision. We want to make your child's experience at Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool a memorable one, because we believe that a solid early childhood program is an important stepping stone in their lives.

We are open from 9 AM to Noon weekdays and accept children ages 4 months to 5 years of age. Our program is proud to say that when the children graduate from our program, they are kindergarten ready and looking forward to attending their next school.

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Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool

Get a Head Start!
Mon Feb 09 10:53:00 EST 2015

Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool offers a Little Acorns class for infants and young toddlers to help them get a head start on learning and developing essential skills. Visit our website to learn more:

Our Reading Program:
Mon Feb 02 10:50:00 EST 2015

The Shady Tree Reading Room is a progressive reading program developed with the help of Guilford and Forsyth County school teachers. Our reading program helps our students develop reading skills at an impressive rate. 

One-on-One Attention:
Mon Jan 26 10:47:00 EST 2015

At Shady Grove Wesleyan Preschool, we emphasize low teacher-to-student ratios so that our students get more individualized attention that they need with their teacher. We make it so your child is always comfortable working with an instructor they trust. 

Tis the season!
Mon Dec 29 14:41:00 EST 2014

Don't feel bad if you miss the ball drop at midnight... 22% admit to falling asleep before the stroke of 12 every year. 

We hope you have been having fun and festive holidays so far!

How was your experience with us?
Mon Dec 15 16:08:00 EST 2014

Comment to let us know what you thought of our services.

Mon Dec 15 14:40:00 EST 2014

You can "like" us on our Foursquare page and write a "tip" reviewing your experience with us:

We appreciate the feedback! 

Safety is important to us:
Mon Nov 17 12:30:00 EST 2014

All of our teachers are trained in First Aid and CPR-certified. We ensure that our environment is safe at all costs. In addition, we are trained by The American Red Cross.

Faith-based preschool:
Mon Nov 10 09:00:00 EST 2014

Our preschool program is run in conjunction with the Shady Grove Wesleyan Church nearby. Throughout our daily activities, we weave an instilled message of faith. Call today if you want to learn more at (336) 993-5943!

Register for the 2014-2015 year!
Mon Nov 03 08:00:00 EST 2014

Do you want your children to attend a nurturing, caring environment where they receive individualized attention from teachers? Our preschool ensures that children experience a wide-range of learning activities to keep their minds growing. Call now to enroll for the year at (336) 993-5943!

Enhancing reading skills:
Mon Oct 27 12:45:00 EDT 2014

Reading well is critical to a child's mental development. During our reading group, we focus on phonetics, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and much more. We want your children to be able to read and comprehend sentences with ease!

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